Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Good Riddance: Sens fire Paddock

This news comes as some sort of a relief for Ottawa Senators fans. I guess Bryan Murray simply had enough of the lengthy losing streaks and back-to-back shutouts against the lowly Leafs and again last night in Boston.

The GM didn't exactly give Paddock the biggest vote of confidence, saying the other day that his job is safe "if the team keeps winning."

It kinda seemed like the players stopped playing for him. They are all competitive people, and I guarantee that they would enjoy an equally competitive coach behind the bench who shows some emotion. That's exactly what ol' Paddy didn't do. He was like an English Jacques Martin. Cross those arms and scowl the entire game and then give meaningless gargled quotes while choking up your Christmas turkey followed by the occasional burp. Gross? You bet. (If you listen to TGOR Nation on Team 1200 in Ottawa in the morning, you know what I'm talking about.)

But hey, at least Bryan Murray has some character. Paddock is a perfect fit for a team in the East Coast Iron League or something. I couldn't quite understand why he became the Sens' head coach. He wasn't exactly what you call a 'finesse' player in his day. More like, 4th-line plug/scrapper. It would be like Tie Domi coaching an NHL team in 10 years. How could you expect to win with a knucklehead like that at the helm?

Maybe I'm being too harsh, but if we couldn't lock up a sniper or stalwart defenceman at the deadline, then this is the next best thing. Paddock is a solid hockey guy with a great eye for talent. Today marks the beginning of another chapter and let's hope Murray can get the Sens to start playing like the team he took to the Cup last year. Peace out Paddy.

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